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Thursday, August 17, 2017

Thank you, Herr Drumpf

Watch this VICE News Episode from August 14, if you haven't already. Or watch it again.

Then tell me with a straight face that the counter-protesters (or "alt-left" or "anti-fa" or whatever you choose to call them) in Charlottesville, Virginia were morally equivalent to, and equally to blame as, those who were hosting this vile party.

And tell me again how your "president" is the president of all of the American people, and is blameless in this saga.

PS ~ On his blog, Rev Ron's Rants, my husband Ron Kaye offers a voice of peace and reason and sanity regarding the events of the day.

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Monday, August 14, 2017

The Only Answer To ® Recycled Cancer Misinformation & Relentless Self-Promotion

In 2008, Leonard Coldwell -- fake doctor, cancer quack and at that time an enthusiastic cohort of currently imprisoned serial scammer Kevin Trudeau -- vanity-published a book called Instinct Based Medicine, a rambling, redundant collection of medical misinformation and long rants against the medical profession (some of which were justified but most of which were self-serving distortions). The whole thing was framed around Coldwell's dramatic narrative of his life as a Brave Maverick Doctor, and the text was peppered with relentless promotions for his and some of his buddies' frauducts and flopportunities.

A year or so later, as Trudeau's big scam the
Global Information Network, or GIN, was taking off and Coldwell was reaping the benefits as a featured speaker and owner of an unearned* downline in GIN's multi-level marketing scheme, he repackaged Instinct Based Medicine as The Only Answer to Cancer. This newer book used much of the same material that was in the previous work but substituted endorsements and testimonials from folks with whom he'd had a falling-out with praise from some current-at-the-time buddies, and there were new and more dramatic details in his Brave Maverick Doctor and miracle-healer narrative.

Coldwell and Trudeau divorced in 2012 when Trudeau kicked Coldwell out of GIN, and since then Coldwell has spent a great deal of time bad-mouthing Trudeau (justifiably) while conveniently failing to acknowledge his own complicity in Trudeau's scams. But most of his time and energy over the past five years have been occupied trying to regain some traction in Scamworld after no longer having the much more popular Kevin Trudeau's teat to suck on.

I bought both Instinct Based Medicine and The Only Answer to Cancer on the used-book marketplace for cheap. But now it looks like I'm going to have to make yet a third investment, eventually, because Lenny is currently poised to release his newest English-language work, the long-awaited
The ONLY Cancer Patient Cure, which you can now pre-order for $19.99 USD plus shipping and handling, and you can only hope that the book eventually shows up at your door some time in September.

The arrangement of text on the front cover makes it appear that the title of the book is The Only Answer To® The ONLY Cancer Patient Cure, a title as mangled and nonsensical as much of Lenny's prose. In fact, Lenny himself -- and/or the admin responsible for handling many of his "blog posts" -- apparently believe that this is the real title. Or maybe it's just ham-handed SEO.


But as you can see by what I assume is the picture of the book's cover, the spine (that bit on the left-hand side of the graphic) makes it pretty clear that the title is simply, The ONLY Cancer Patient Cure, which indicates to me that The Only Answer To® bit on the front cover is merely for branding purposes. However, since the phrase The Only Answer To® isn't part of the new book's actual title, it seems to be kind of a stretch, but then, I'm no branding expert and Lenny and his publisher clearly are.

According to a blurb on the front cover of the new magnum dopus, "100% of Profits Go To Non-Profit." In other words, it appears that Lenny plans as usual to funnel money into one of his numerous "non-profits" -- such as his much-boasted about
Foundation for Crime and Drug Free Schools and Health for Children -- in order to avoid paying taxes on sales of the book, while granting himself bragging rights as a high-minded humanitarian who has no desire to make money from other people's desperation. There's no telling how many "non-profits" he has in the US and in Germany, but I strongly suspect that few if any dollars or Euros go to any legitimate charities.

Judging by the logo on the spine, Lenny's stellar new work is being published by his favorite pay-to-play book producer, which he has used for most of his previous English-language works,
21st Century Press ("At 21st Century Press, creating a culture for author-centricity is the core mindset behind how we approach publishing books to an ever changing world.").

Apart from their garbled mission statement, or whatever that blurb was supposed to be, and their highly questionable taste in clients (at least in this particular case), 21st Century Press maintains a professional facade and it's pretty clear that someone there has a general love for books and publishing. Their web site is clearly designed by professionals, and the copy is written by people who, notwithstanding that train wreck of a mission statement, are obviously much more eloquent than at least one of the company's star authors. Just take a gander at the lovely prose squandered on one of LoonyC's older works,
The Only Answer To Stress.
Dr. Leonard Coldwell has written this remarkable handbook for health with two voices.  Like a singer producing not one beautiful tone but two at the same time, these two voices blend into a harmonious song of health and potential.  And the remarkable thing is that every single person who reads—and follows—this beautiful book will be able to sing that way, too.  And their words, and the glorious melody of health and empowerment will be theirs, and theirs alone!

The two voices are the voice of the deeply informed, knowledgeable expert in physiology, medicine, neurology, biochemistry, pathology, research and clinical care—of which Dr. Coldwell is—and the homey, chatty, straight-from-the-shoulder Dutch uncle who tells you what is really going on, with compassion, but with no patience for self-pity or sloppy excuses.

So, in your hands, on the pages of this book, you have a tell-it-like-it-is friend and a scientific integrator who can make the complicated business of the life sciences simple, clear and, most important, comprehensible.

Dr. Coldwell ties all of the relevant sciences into one neat package with your life and shows you how, in simple, concise and well-laid-out steps, how it works and what to do about it.
You have to wonder if the person who wrote that was giggling or gagging while doing so. One thing is certain: Lenny paid to get those words written.

There are of course numerous inaccuracies in the poetic tribute quoted above. First off, if you've ever read any of his hateful, misspelled, grammar-challenged Facebook rants you'll probably be able to figure out that "Dr." Coldwell doesn't write any of his English-language books himself. Instead he uses ghostwriters -- most notably, a woman named
Kelly Wallace. There's no shame in that, of course, as many folks who either can't write (like Lenny), or are too busy to do so, use ghostwriters. However, even with the help of ghostwriters fluent in English, the books of Coldwell's that I've seen are, as indicated above, rambling and redundant and could use some serious editing.

But describing him as a writer is the least of the sins in the blurb quoted above. To compare any of his work to a singer "producing not one beautiful tone but two at the same time" is just plain silly. Even more ludicrous is the claim that he is a "deeply informed, knowledgeable expert" in anything.
He's not. And he's far less like a "homey, chatty... Dutch uncle" than like the volatile, raving, bigoted drunk uncle who used to be an embarrassment at your holiday gatherings until finally the adults just learned to ignore him and the children were taught to do the same. Except he's far less likeable than that druncle, and for that matter probably quite a bit drunker much of the time.

21st Century Press describes itself as
a "partnership/royalty press" offering two options for the aspiring author. If you want the royalty deal you'll pay nothing upfront, but will apparently be required to purchase at least 500 copies of your own book, though they'll give you a 50% discount off the retail price. So that means Lenny would have to spend about $5,000 for a minimum run of his newest book, which has a retail price of $19.99, according to the current order form. The other option is for you to pay $3,000 upfront for 21st Century to put a book together for you (editing, book design, pre-press, printing, and whatever marketing and promotional services come with the deal), and you get 50 copies of the finished work. No doubt you have the option of buying as many additional copies as you want, for additional costs, of course.

Call it a vanity press if you wish, but this is actually a perfectly legitimate business model for authors who either can't land a traditional publishing deal (which is most likely the case with Lenny) or just don't want to, though other self-publishing options may be much better for authors who believe they can sell a lot of books and/or who want more control over every aspect of the publishing process, including ownership of their ISBNs, which is more important than you might think. But the point to remember is that with this business model the author pays to get published, and the merits of the work in question matter far less than the author's credit card number. That's something Lenny never mentions regarding any of his many "mega-bestselling" titles, whether they're in German (for which he uses
Jim Humble Verlag) or English.

Lenny's English-language publisher apparently also offers a range of a la carte services for the self-published author, including
manuscript review, the fee for which they promise to fully credit to the author if she or he chooses to publish with them. This bit is a little puzzling, though:
Some publishers charge upwards of $10,000 for a professional manuscript review. We charge nothing. And if you choose to publish with us, we will fully refund this amount back to you or place it as a credit toward your contract.
Wow. A refund on $0.00. What have ya got to lose?

I've previously written about the brains behind 21st Century,
Lee Fredrickson. See, for instance, this Whirled post from August 2014, in a December 2014 update inserted into the main text. (Some links in that section are no longer valid but were at the time the post was published.)

Since 2014, when Lenny began claiming that
he had written and was poised to publish a whole book "exposing" yours truly and a few other critical bloggers** (the linked screen grab was from October 2014), I've sent several polite emails to Mr. Fredrickson at the email address posted on his site (lee@21stcenturypress.com), simply inquiring about the titles and release dates of any upcoming books by his client and buddy "Dr." Coldwell. But I never received any reply whatsoever, not even an acknowledgment that my emails had been received.

At any rate, when I finally buy The ONLY Cancer Patient Cure I'll let you know my opinion. I may be totally wrong and it might really be all new material, but... oh, who am I kidding? But I'll let you know either way. Or you can buy the book now and let me know.

For the time being, I'm still waiting for the release of Horny Connie & Friends, or whatever that book that was set to be published on February 4, 2015, according to Lenny, was supposed to be titled. Lacking that, I'll be on the lookout in The ONLY Cancer Patient Cure for new additions to the Brave Maverick Doc narrative, and if there's anything in there about an AIDS-infected, sexually predatory, mentally ill, drug-addicted, dog-killing former prostitute who is on Big Pharma's payroll (all of which are lies that Coldwell has publicly and repeatedly written about me), the publisher may be hearing from my attorney. But I have a feeling he's too smart to publish all of Coldwell's unadulterated crap, and it's possible that even little Lenny himself has learned his lesson about targeting those who are trying to get to the truth about him. We'll see.

* Regarding Coldwell's unearned GIN downline: By this I mean that, according to Coldwell's account on an October 14, 2012 teleconference between him and his buddy Peter Wink (the link to that conference has long since disappeared, but I did listen to the whole thing), Kevin Trudeau gave Coldwell "a free downline to make it look like I was a member of GIN." Despite his claim in that teleconference that he never worked the downline, Coldwell did apparently work it quite aggressively, if the accounts of various ex-GIN members, and some of Coldwell's own online promos, are any indication. I wrote about that October 2012 teleconference in this January 2013 blog post (under the sub-head, "Axes of evil").
** In addition to me, the other bloggers whom Coldwell was supposedly going to "expose" in his new "book" were Salty Droid, Bernie O'Mahony at GINtruth, and Omri Shabat of the now-defunct Glancingweb blog. In 2015 Coldwell ended up suing Salty and me and a few other parties for defamation, but the suit was unsuccessful.

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Thursday, July 27, 2017

The Whirled turns 11

Today is the eleventh blogaversary of Whirled Musings, which began life in July 2006 as a humor blog targeting New-Wage/selfish-help/McSpirituality/alt-health scams and scammers. I didn't have any particular expectations for the blog and figured I would continue writing it as long as it continued to be at least marginally entertaining for me and for a few other folks. And for quite a long time it was enormously entertaining, at least for me, and for the most part I kept things on the light side. Then things took a rather serious turn in the latter part of 2009 with the James Arthur Ray "sweat lodge" deaths, which brought home the point that Scamworld has its dark side too.

Still I continued my attempts at humor in between the serious stuff, and even managed to work in a little bit of journalistic reporting regarding matters such as the ongoing saga of
serial scammer Kevin Trudeau and the civil and criminal cases against him. Real journalists even contacted me while working on their own Trudeau stories, not that I ever received any public credit as a source, but that's just the way things go.

In 2012 my Whirled began colliding with one of Trudeau's former boyfriends, cancer quack and faux-doctor
Leonard Coldwell, who tried for years to silence me by posting lies and doxing me, and eventually suing me (unsuccessfully). But the Whirled kept spinning.

And it spins even today, although not everyone likes the spin, particularly as I've become
more frequently political, despite the fact that Whirled Musings is not a political blog, except when it has to be. Some former pals who were disillusioned with the likes of Trudeau and Coldwell were, as it happened, fans of the Scammer-in-Chief, Donald J. Trump, and didn't like my expressions of disdain for the #NotMyPresident.

Trump famously said in a private meeting back in 2013 that he was going to
"suck all the oxygen out of the room" once he really decided to run for president. And he did, and he continues to do so, as well as continuing just to suck in general. I fear that he has sucked a lot of oxygen out of this blog as well, for since last year I've been spending far less time blogging my normal beat and more time with political posts on social media.

But I still haven't forgotten or abandoned my original beat, and I have plenty more to write. Thank you again for your support over the years, and if you feel so inclined, blogaversary gifts in the form of donations are always welcome.


Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Another year, another moment of silence for Colleen Conaway

Eight years ago today, on July 25, 2009, a 46-year-old woman named Colleen Conaway died at a San Diego shopping mall after attending a "wealth creation" seminar by James Arthur "Death" Ray, convicted killer and star of the New-Wage moviemercial for magickal thinking and McSpirituality crapitalism, The Secret. Most of you who have been following this blog and/or the blogs of several others who have written about it -- especially Salty Droid and Yakaru of Spirituality is No Excuse -- know Colleen's story well. But it is a story worth mentioning again, in the service of never forgetting.

If you don't know the story, a good place to start is
this 2012 Whirled post, which contains links to more detailed accounts. From that post:
Colleen, who reportedly had no history of emotional or mental problems, apparently had a psychotic episode at a James Ray event in San Diego in July 2009, and she leaped to her death from a third-story shopping mall balcony. After Ray found out about it, he and his top minions apparently worked to cover it up, shielding the rest of the attendees from the unfortunate event, and they all partied on that night. If you don't know Colleen's sad story, my pal Yakaru has written a good summary of this tragedy, linking to several Salty Droid posts.
At the time Colleen died, Death Ray was not yet a convicted killer. That distinction came in 2011, in the form of three convictions for felony negligent homicide, not for Colleen's death but rather for the October 2009 deaths of three other people -- Kirby Brown, James Shore, and Liz Neuman -- in a Sedona, Arizona faux-sweatlodge/torture chamber. For these three deaths, Ray served a disgustingly short term -- less than two years -- in an Arizona state prison. And while he has reportedly settled with Colleen's family (I still don't know all of the details there), he was never criminally charged, tried, or convicted, and therefore has never served prison time for, her death. In fact, Colleen's story, though reported in local newspapers, didn't really become widely known until after the Sedona story broke months later.

In the years since Ray was released from prison, he has been trying his best to make a comeback, and
has worked the Sedona deaths into his narrative, painting himself as a hero/martyr who has survived a trial by fire and has emerged stronger than ever, prepared to charge others for his hard-earned wisdumb.

In 2009, after rising to the top of the industry, James was involved in a terrible incident that claimed the lives of three of his clients who he cared about deeply.

True to his own teachings, James maintained an attitude of personal responsibility coupled with resilience. James is constantly focused on extensive study of great philosophers, as well as an in-depth analysis of himself.   As a result, he has defined a new approach that will radically disrupt traditional thinking and present a fresh and dynamic approach to being successful in both life and business...

...James’ personal and business experiences have caused him to be considered an expert in leadership, entrepreneurship, mental toughness, resilience and emotional strength. His experience has proven time and time again…that it’s the challenges, adversity, and often crisis, that present the ultimate opportunity for growth and greatness if we’re only willing to utilize them in that way.
Ray even tried to get his three negligent homicide convictions overturned, but he was unsuccessful. He did get his rights to vote and hold office restored, however. Meanwhile, he continues to push his shtick, and though his crowds are considerably smaller now than they were in those heady post-Secret, pre-Sedona days, he still seems to have a loyal following of dolts who either don't know, don't remember, or don't care about his reckless past and unrepentant ways.

And in other, related news, the
Transformational Leadership Council, the New-Wage/selfish-help cartel that Ray helped found but that booted him out after the Sedona story broke, is getting ready to convene in yet another seekrit place on July 26-30, 2017 to bolster each other's egos. Their summer event always takes place around the time of the anniversary of Colleen's death, which is why I remember it. The TLC used to publicize their events, and the locations, well in advance, but in the past few years have been much more circumspect -- at least on their official site. But another co-founder, Jack Canfield, reveals on his site that the event will be in Tucson, Arizona.

And so it goes. Death Ray natters on, and the TLC continues to hold events where members congratulate themselves on being masters of the universe, and Scamworld hums away: the dogs bark, but the caravan goes on.

But that doesn't mean the dogs should give up on barking.

And once again, my heart goes out to the people who loved Colleen Conaway. Never forget.

PS ~ While some folks have all but given up on the self-help industry having any integrity, there are good people working to improve the industry. One example is the Ginny Brown, mother of Ray victim Kirby Brown. Following Kirby's death, Ginny and the Brown family founded a non-profit called Seek Safely to try to make the industry more accountable, guide consumers to make safe decisions, and track legislation affecting the industry. Check out Seek Safely here.

Related on this Whirled:

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Monday, July 17, 2017

Summertime, and the scams are still sleazy...

Oh, good Goddess, it's hot, and
probably growing hotter all the time. But the intensifying heat hasn't stopped the scammers from scamming, and once again I've been negligent about even trying to keep up with all of it on this blog. But I feel that I have to make a stab at it and so, despite the torpor imposed by the brutal Texas summer, I have heroically dragged myself to the keyboard to natter on about just a few of the scammers and scams. Understand that I would much rather be sitting on my breezeway sipping lemonade or a peach smoothie and re-reading The Wind in the Willows (the 1980 Michael Hague illustrated edition is my current favorite), or Christopher Moore's Sacre Bleu or some other delicious bit of escape literature that is far removed from the roiling scams and political scandals, but I have a responsibility to the three or four people who read this blog. I am doing this for y'all. You're welcome. And I apologize for redundancy if you've read any of this on my recent Facebook posts.

Little Hitler strikes again

For a guy who is constantly whining about his own free speech being censored, Mike "the Health Ranger" Adams, disingenuous alt-right conspiracy peddler, frauduct pusher and Donald Trump a$$-kisser, sounds disturbingly like a dedicated enemy of free speech -- almost Nazi-like -- when he advises his readers, in a July 5, 2017 post on Natural News, to "burn the leftist-scripted newspapers."

But he may just be playing the part of rabble-rouser, as he has a gleeful tendency to do. More importantly, in the above-linked post he paints
#NotMyPresident Donald J. Trump as some sort of hero who will save all of us from the evil machinations of Big Pharma. Adams predicts, without offering any real substantiation, that Trump is poised to order the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to ban direct-to-consumer advertising of prescription drugs on TV. And he gleefully speculates that without Big Pharma ad revenue, "fake news" outlet CNN will collapse and go bankrupt, which of course will be a triumph for Trump and for all good people who are tired of fake news and seek the truth from reliable sources such as Adams, Alex Jones, Breitbart et al.

Several things are wrong with Adams' reasoning, apart from the obvious fact that he fails to acknowledge that numerous other TV news outlets such as Fox News -- not to mention a wide variety of print media, including conservative print media -- also benefit from Big Pharma ad revenue. First, let's imagine that CNN or any of the other outlets were to suddenly be deprived of those creepy ads in which hapless consumers move in slow motion through surreal worlds, while being stalked and harassed by their upset stomachs, overactive bladders, or irritated bowels, whilst also battling their plaque psoriasis and/or new or worsening depression. Would these media outlets collapse? It's highly doubtful. Absent Big Pharma ad revenue, the outlets would no doubt sell more ad time to other big spenders, such as car manufacturers, beer brewers, big food companies, and so forth. It's not as if Big Pharma is the only industry that buys ad time on TV.

Second, and perhaps even more important, Adams' insinuation that Trump will do much of anything to rein in Big Pharma is absurd. Even though Trump has made derogatory comments -- during the campaign and since the election -- about the pharmaceutical industry, particularly in regard to exorbitant drug prices, he has demonstrated time and again that overall he is a friend to big business and industry, with his main agenda being to get rid of "onerous" regulations that he apparently believes prevent companies from realizing their full profit potential. As
a March 2017 piece on the USA Today site points out:

...while President Donald Trump said he wants to reduce the high costs of prescription medicines, he is also expected to encourage fewer government restrictions on the development and marketing of drugs.

Third, Adams seems to be insinuating that this is a left-vs-right, liberal-vs-conservative issue, with the leftists/liberals being on the side of the wicked, greedy Pharma monsters, and the rightists -- particularly the alt-rightists like Adams -- being the heroes who, with the help and support of their superhero Trump, are fighting to protect the people from those monsters. In reality, the "leftist, liberal" press has been on Big Pharma's case for years and years, probably since Adams was in elementary school. Certainly, liberal-leaning outlets such as NPR are addressing the issue.
Here's a doctor (yes, a real medical doctor), writing on NPR.org about the true dangers of direct-to-consumer Rx advertising.

Moreover, pro-bidness conservative types are far more likely to be tolerant of drug manufacturers' (or any other business's) obsession with profits over people. And left-of-center politicians such as
Bernie Sanders have been very outspoken about the greed and bad practices of Big Pharma. Granted, politicians on both sides of the aisle have accepted Big Pharma money, with Hillary Clinton having received millions in contributions. But overall, the big drug companies have poured more into GOP coffers. In an article published on STAT just before the 2016 U.S. election, back when most people still believed that Clinton would win the presidency, Dylan Scott wrote:
The drug industry has traditionally leaned Republican, and this year more Republican members are at risk than sitting Democrats. Even so, 2016 appears notably lopsided. Drug makers this election cycle have supported Republicans in those closest campaigns by a 6-to-1 margin, while giving the vast majority of their dollars in competitive open seats with no incumbents to Republican candidates...

...The dangers that a Democratic wave would pose to the drug industry are no secret. Biotech stocks
are already stagnating over fears of such a sweep; one stock analyst called it the “worst-case scenario” in a note to investors last week.

Among other proposals, Clinton has raised the possibility of setting up a government panel to penalize companies for egregious price hikes. She wants Medicare to
directly negotiate the drug prices it pays, a now-standard stump line for Democrats, and to limit tax breaks for drug makers...

...The drug lobby “is pretty scared of what a Clinton [presidency] could do to the industry,” one source said, “and relies heavily on lobbying power with Republicans to block damaging legislation.”

The STAT analysis shows that, even in competitive House races with no incumbent, if the industry has donated any money, almost all of the dollars have gone to Republican candidates.
Left-leaning media outlets and politicians aren't the only entities who have groused about the industry, including about the ubiquitous drug ads. Numerous consumer groups -- not to mention mainstream medical organizations such as the AMA -- have been complaining for years about direct-to-consumer Rx drug advertising. All things considered, Adams, in his railing against the business practices of -- and aggressive marketing by -- the big drug companies, can neither claim originality, nor can he or Donald Trump lay claim to the moral or political high ground regarding any legitimate complaints against the pharmaceutical industry. The operative word here is "legitimate." Trump's complaints about the industry are clumsy and half-hearted attempts at demagoguery. He'll say what he thinks his base wants to hear, whether it's griping about high prices (a legitimate complaint) or waxing alarmist about the dangers of vaccines (a mostly bogus issue). And Adams' protests are tainted with his own agenda and histrionic extremism; he steadfastly refuses to acknowledge that pharmaceutical drugs have also been lifesavers for millions of people.

Finally, Adams' insinuation that Trump's critics are the real enemies, and Trump fans are the only decent, civilized folks remaining in America, is worse than ludicrous. But it's typical of
the spin you'll find on his many web sites.

One devout anti-Semite eulogizes another: LoonyC mourns Ryke Geerd Hamer
Speaking of little Hitlers: Longtime Mike Adams ally
Leonard Coldwell -- phony doctor, cancer quack, and the stupidest and most evil man in Scamworld -- recently used his German-language Facebook page to post a eulogy (or "Epilogue," as he would have it) for Ryke Geerd Hamer, founder of "German New Medicine." Hamer died at the age of 82 on July 2, 2017 in Sandefjord, Norway, where he had been more or less in exile during the latter part of his life.

I've really not written anything substantial about Hamer to date, though I did mention him in passing in
this August 2014 post, after a reader and defender of Coldwell mentioned Hamer in a comment to a previous Whirled post about "heroes" and martyrs of the alt-health movement.

And now the good ex-doctor is gone. Here's a snippet from the Bing-enabled translation, helpfully offered by Facebook, of LoonyC's tribute:

My Epilogue:
Dr. Hamer as the founder of the "New Germanic medicine"
Thank you very much, he was a very big one.
The real cause of cancer and its treatment on
Psychological Base. The pharmaceutical industry is concerned with
Know the fraud base, and this is people's murder!
His persecution by purchased pharma idiots
And the European authorities spoke volumes. Already alone the
Tracking Dr. Hamer at the instigation of them exposed them
As a liar and a murderer! Would an honest act like that?
This really happened as in the case of Bruno gröning.

His more armored letters to the courts,
Authorities and Jewish-khazar intrigues that he put him in prison
Brought. He really went through the wall with his head!
... and did this for us too! Beware of a lot of courage!
He only spoke the truth and who the truth
Says he needs a damn fast horse!
His demise, I find a great loss for all people,
The chemotherapy as a lie and alternative medicine as
You know the truth. For everyone else you can see how
Seduced and brainwash they are - often from comfortable own
Blame.... the responsibility to the doctors....
And the pharmaceutical industry is stuffing your pockets!
Deserves to be paid to the sick and dying billions - and to the
Healthy Nothing! So?

We miss him and his letters and comments against the lobby and
Conspiracy about genocide by chemotherapy!
He had world class! .... Real theater ripe!
He went on the roofs and cried out the truth.... no matter
To his own person, the as he was!
De mortuis nil nisi bene !
About the dead only good....

About these dead - understand! ....
It reads like really, really bad poetry ("He had world class!...Real theater ripe!"), and is nearly impossible to understand without knowing a bit about Coldwell's shtick and, more importantly, about Hamer's. Actually, it's pretty difficult to understand anyway, which is no big surprise, considering who the writer is, and as I've mentioned here before, a couple of my pals who are fluent in German tell me that Coldwell's writing is nearly as incoherent in his native language. And I can vouch for the fact that his English-language offerings are similarly amusing. So we can't totally blame the clumsy machine translation.

But an understanding of Hamer's bigotry, as well as Coldwell's, is also necessary. The phrase that really sticks out for me in the above passage is "genocide by chemotherapy." Pair that with the mention of "Jewish-khazar intrigues," and the picture becomes clearer. He's not talking about genocide of Jews or of any other ethnic, racial, or religious minority group. Rather, he is referring to an imagined genocide of non-Jews... by Jews.

That Coldwell is anti-Semitic (and he's a racist as well) is no secret, for he proudly displays his hatred on Facebook whenever he can, which is the primary reason his account is repeatedly suspended. While Lenny has at times protested that he is not a hater, even going so far as to unsuccessfully sue me a couple of years ago for insinuating that he is (much more about that matter can be found here), I don't think that even the lawyers who took and then dropped that ill-fated flawsuit would now deny their former client's anti-Semitism and racism.

And the departed Hamer was clearly no fan of Jews either.
From RationalWiki:
Hamer purported that his method is a "Germanic" alternative to mainstream clinical medicine which he claimed is part of a Jewish conspiracy to decimate non-Jews. In this Hamer follows the antisemitic "Neue Deutsche Heilkunde" propagated in Nazi Germany. More precisely, he asserted that chemotherapy and morphine are used to "mass murder" Western Civilisation, while such treatment is not used in Israel where nearly no people die of cancer, according to him.[9][10][15] He promoted the idea that most oncologists in Germany are Jewish and that "no Jew is treated with chemotherapy in Germany". According to him, hypodermic needles are used during chemotherapy to implant "chips" containing "chambers of poison" that can be activated by satellite to specifically kill patients.[16] He proposeed that the swine flu vaccination campaign of 2009 was also used to mark people with those "chips" and denies the existence of HIV.[17] Hamer also believed that the denial of recognition of his theories and the revocation of his practitioner's licence is due to a Jewish conspiracy.[15]

In 2008, Hamer presented a document where one "
Chief Rabbi" "Esra" Iwan Götz confirmed the existence of a conspiracy among Jewish oncologists to use the "torture" of chemotherapy on all non-Jewish patients, while Jewish patients were to receive the "correct" treatment of GNM. Iwan Götz is a German holocaust denialist active in the German Reich revivalism scene who has been repeatedly convicted by German courts on counts of holocaust denial,[18] fraud, defamation, misuse of academic titles (the title "Chief Rabbi" is not legally protected in Germany), falsification of documents, among others.[19]
Apart from his prejudices, however, was there any validity to Hamer's work? It would seem not. Here's more from RationalWiki:
Following the death of his son in a shooting incident in 1978, Ryke Geerd Hamer developed testicular cancer. His wife also developed breast cancer at around the same time. Hamer came to believe that both cancers had been directly caused by shock at their son's death, and that they could be treated by resolving this emotional conflict. Despite that, he received a conventional operation for his testicular cancer in 1979, while his wife was treated by Hamer himself, as the first patient of his New Medicine, and died in 1985. [Sort of reminds me of another much-loved (including by Lenny) alt-cancer quack, the late Hulda Clark, who, as I mentioned in passing on an October 2016 Whirled post, died of cancer. ~ CC]

Hamer announced the creation of his "New Medicine" in 1981. Despite his theories being rejected by the scientific establishment, he opened a series of cancer clinics between 1982 and 1985, all of which were closed down by the authorities for illegal practices. The vast majority of his patients died at these clinics, although Hamer continued to publicly present his treatment methods as successful.

In 1986, Hamer's medical licence was revoked. He has continued to practice illegally in various European countries ever since, in between prosecutions and stints of jail time. Unsurprisingly, courts have found him to be mentally unstable, and thus unfit to practice medicine. Alarmingly, he has been supported and defended by some of those to whom he has been peddling his false treatments.
And for good measure, here's a July 2009 post from a blog that takes a critical look at "alternative" cancer treatments.
Undaunted, in the following years Hamer opened various illegal clinics in Germany. He treated large groups of patients, including his own wife Birgit who suffered from breast cancer.

Birgit died in 1985. Hamer claimed this was because she was sceptical about his GNM. Later he would maintain that he ‘cured’ her of breast cancer no less than five times.

By the end of 1985 charges were brought against Hamer because of the scandalous goings on in his private clinic in Katzenelnbogen. Less than a year later his medical licence ws revoked. However, to this day this hasn’t stopped Hamer from continuing to ‘treat’ patients and the number of victims of the GNM has reached
frightening proportions.
And here's another 2009 post on the Science Based Medicine blog, written by my favorite physician blogger, Dr. David Gorski (who currently blogs under the name Orac on the Respectful Insolence blog).

You get the idea.

"But, Cosmic Connie," some of you might be saying, "in order to be fair and balanced, you should also post some positive stuff about Dr. Hamer!" To which I will say that you can find plenty of that stuff on the Internet. Believe it at your own peril.

Lest you wonder, as I initially did, whether Coldwell believes that Hamer was murdered, and his death another chapter in the ongoing "dead holistic doctors" conspiracy narrative --
which I initially wrote about in this August 2015 post, and then again in July 2016 (under "Dead holistic docs conspiracy rages on") -- he does not seem to be making that claim outright in his long, rambling "Epilogue." On the other hand -- and again, I'm going by the awkward translation -- Coldwell does appear to insinuate that the stress Hamer experienced from years of "persecution" may have hastened his death. He also leaves open the possibility of murder, suggesting that Hamer might have been poisoned.
For Clarification:
Dr. I don't think hamer was killed, he was 82 years old, too.
But the trouble, in which he, unfortunately, has always increased emotionally too much, has
5 years of his life....
Subject to the fact that you have not poisoned him yet - who knows?
I don't trust them!
However, I do not know the details now, so subject to....
Diagnosis of poison I can now ask myself without celebrated doctor
To be, so much experience I have in it.... (if the body becomes black, then it's poison)
LoonyC never met a conspiracy tale that he didn't like. Especially if it centers around a Brave Maverick Doctor, as Loony fancies himself to be.

Mother Russia revisited
Finally, I'd like to remind you that this week Stephen Colbert, who has helped many of us maintain our sanity in Drumpf's Amerika,
will be presenting his much-awaited "Russia Week," highlighting his recent trip to Mother Russia.

Due to
the whole Trussia thing, there's a lot of serious talk about Russia these days, but I think we should never forget that Russia has its silly side too, which I celebrated extensively here years ago. Here's a link to some Russia-themed posts from the Whirled archives.

I think I used to be a lot funnier than I am now.

That's it for now. I'll be back soon to celebrate this blog's eleventh (!) birthday, which rolls around on July 27. For now, I'm going back to spend some quality time on the riverbank with the Mole and Ratty and Mr. Toad, or perhaps with Toulouse-Lautrec and gang in nineteenth-century Paris. And who knows, in between all of that, I might even get some real work done. If more of you would
donate to this blog, I might not have to work, but it is what it is, and it isn't what it isn't, and as you know I don't spend a whole lot of time begging, except when I do. Anyway, I'll see you next time.

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Friday, June 16, 2017

Kevin Trudeau still begging Donald Trump to free him from prison

It's really #sad that #NotMyPresident Donald J. Trump's problems with "this Russia thing" keep popping up in the fake news media, and that the problems just seem to be getting worse. That whole totally-made-up saga is keeping Drumpf from his real work of taking America back (to the nineteenth century), building a better world for the one percent, and -- most important of all -- freeing imprisoned serial scammer Kevin Trudeau, aka KT, aka Katie. It just isn't fair.

But Katie, who died for your sins... oh, wait, sorry... that was another savior... I mean, who allowed himself to be thrown into a minimum-security Federal sleepaway camp (which he calls "Camp Cupcake") in order to fight for your rights to freedom of speech, and who became a true martyr to the cause, will not give up in his quest to be redeemed by Cheeto Jesus. As I've mentioned here before, this is probably a matter of professional courtesy. Being a career con artist, Katie no doubt believes that lifelong scammer Trump will be sympathetic. And truly, Katie isn't asking for much at all; he simply wants Trump to commute his ten-year prison sentence for criminal contempt related to fraudulent claims about Trudeau's weight-loss book. He also wants Trump to pardon him.

The problem is that he just can't seem to get Donnie to notice him.

Katie's most recent (as of this writing) plea appeared
on his Facebook public page, on June 8, 2017.

Wrote he, through one of his faithful proxies:
As you may know, I am serving a 10 year prison sentence for "contempt of court", because I went on TV and talked about my books (all the details are at [KevinTrudeau dot com]). I have filed an Official Petition for Commutation of Sentence with the President. This means I am asking the President to exercise his power to lower my sentence and have me released. As of today, there has been no response from the White House. However, this is not unusual. The President has yet to appoint and have confirmed the person who will be in charge of the Pardon Office. So, keep writing, tweeting, emailing, posting on the facebook pages and calling. The President, the Vice President, The First Lady Melania, Ivanka, Eric, Donald Jr, Jared Kushner, Kelly Ann Conway, as well as your Senator and Congressman telling them you support the decision to have my sentence commuted. Tell them about all the information at [KevinTrudeau dot com]. Maybe send them copies of my books, or copies of the letters I have sent to the President. The more you do, and the more often you do it, the better the chances are that the President will see the massive support there is for commuting my sentence. Thanks for all you do! While I am optimistic that the President will commute my sentence, there still is one more legal appeal I can file. This is called a 2255 motion. This appeal must be filed by November of this year. That is the deadline. My current lawyers cannot file this appeal. I need to find a new lawyer who has successfully filed 2255's in the past and would like to take on my case. If you know of a lawyer that would be interested in being considered, please have that lawyer contact me at [KTLegalDenfense [sic] at gmail dot com] email address. Perhaps if you are motivated you could reach out to some "superstar" lawyers and see if they would be interested in representing me. The lawyer who takes on this appeal, will be massive publicity. They could, if they wanted, be on virtually every major TV and radio talk show as well as be interviewed in newspaper and magazines worldwide, as this is a free speech, and government suppression and censorship issue. Thanks for your help on this! So you all know, I have no attachment to any particular outcome. I know everything is perfect right now. I am happy right now. There is nothing I "want, need or desire". I have it all! This is a wonderful state that you too can be established and anchored in at all times, regardless of the circumstances and external conditions you are experiencing. I teach how to have this state in The Science of Personal Mastery Course. To become a student and get the Course (emailed to in monthly Lessons) email KTlegaldefense [at gmail dot com]. Much love, and I will see you all at the TOP!
"See you all at the TOP?" Maybe he means the top bunk. I am almost completely certain that I have used that joke before, though I'm too lazy to search my own blog to confirm it, but I believe in recycling. I think it's a nice touch for Katie to list some of the other people his fans should be bugging besides Drumpf. I know Melania will be thrilled to hear from all of Katie's fans, and I'm sure that Drumpf's son-in-law Jared Kushner, whose business dealings are currently being investigated by special counsel, will be sympathetic to Katie's plight. Maybe Jared and Katie can get together and cook up some new scams. Or maybe they can just share some fine whines about how oppressed and persecuted they are. Perhaps they'll be joined by the Whiner-in-Chief. 

As for Drumpf having yet to appoint and confirm "the person who will be in charge of the Pardon Office," I imagine that's way down on the list of priorities in
an administration where hundreds of vacancies remain unfilled.

Anyway, judging from Katie's plea to his gullibles to help him find legal representation, it appears that he is having as much trouble finding a good lawyer to help him through his travails as
Herr Drumpf is having. Why, oh, why, do such bad things happen to such good and righteous men? 

But dry your tears, Dear Ones. Katie tells us that he is still perfectly happy and at peace right where he is, and that he doesn't actually care when, or if, he is ever set free. At least that's what he keeps on telling us, and telling us, and telling us. (Never mind those crocodile tears he cried, while begging for his freedom, every time he stood before a judge. That was just for show.) And for just a modest recurring fee, he will be thrilled to share his secrets to perfect inner peace with you.

However, I do think he misrepresented one teeny-tiny little item in his June 8 Facebook post. The post indicated that the White House had not yet responded to all of the zillions of letters, emails, phone calls, tweets, texts, whines, and threats sent their way. And yet... and yet... on the KevinTrudeau dot com site, there's
this June 2, 2017 entry on the #FreeKevinTrudeau blog, titled, "Persistence Pays: White House Acknowledges #FreeKevinTrudeau."

After literally thousands of letters, emails, tweets and phone calls The White House has taken the first step in acknowledging the Free Kevin Trudeau campaign (#FreeKevinTrudeau)

We have been provided with 2 (almost identical) replies from the White House acknowledging that correspondence is in fact being received.

While President Trump hasn’t address [sic] Kevin’s case or his own views in the communication, he does go on to thank the writers for their support for himself and his wife Melania.

You will be familiar with the Acres of Diamonds story, where people often quit just an inch from the goal. Remember, if this we [sic] are [are] an easy task, it would have already been done by now.

So who cares  if the "acknowledgment" was nothing more than a generic form letter with a digitized Trump signature? It's a beginning! And remember those
Acres of Diamonds!

At any rate, it's really, really important that all of y'all who want to see Kevin Trudeau freed continue to hammer away at everyone who is even marginally involved with Donald Trump. Maybe you can even start another petition to the White House, such as
this well-meaning effort that was launched in February of this year.

For my part, I have been racking my brain to think of any "superstar" lawyers I know who might be able to help Kevin with his 2255 motion or any other heroic legal feat to help spring him from Camp Cupcake. As it happens there are a couple of sharp-as-a-tack legal eagles in Greensboro, North Carolina who might be a perfect fit. They seem to have a lot of experience defending drunk drivers and violent criminals and whatnot, as well as suing harmless bloggers on behalf of various nutcakes. Maybe I'll recommend them. They did such a good job with one of Kevin Trudeau's moronic ex-boyfriends that I'm sure they'll be able to help Katie too.

There's also
a personal-injury lawyer in Kevin's old haunt, Chicago; a year before the North Carolina case, this lawyer helped that same ex-boyfriend of Kevin's by suing a harmless blogger for something that another blogger had written, and then withdrawing from the case and throwing his client under the bus. Maybe this attorney could use some new business.

And if neither the North Carolina comedy team nor the Chicago clown works out, maybe Kevin can contact his old bromantic partner directly for recommendations, as the latter
is still furiously and impotently rattling the legal sabers. To hear him tell it, he has a huge and formidable legal team, poised to sue any and everyone on the planet. So, good luck, Katie!

Related on this Whirled:

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Monday, May 22, 2017

"You fool of a Drumpf!"

Laying hands on a Palantir isn't going to make those tiny paws any bigger, Herr Drumpf. All it is going to do is create sinkholes in front of your garish palace, and sap your strength. And you of all people should know that being president requires stamina -- the kind of stamina that Madam Secretary (she who should have become Madam President) had in abundance.

Truly, worrying about the fate of the nation under Mad King Donald is sapping my strength, and I fear that even Gandalf won't be able to save us.
Drumpf's loony-tunes shenanigans in Saudi Arabia haven't helped matters any. But I haven't given up on this Whirled. So bear with me.

Meanwhile, from SHAMblog earlier this month, here's my pal Steve Salerno
connecting the dots between our narcissistic selfish-help culture and the SCROTUS we're suffering now.

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Sunday, April 30, 2017

The Whirled's still turning: snippets for a Sunday afternoon

So another month almost got away from me while I was occupied with for-pay work and other real-life matters. But just in the nick of time, here are a few snippets to snark us out of April and right into May Day, aka International Workers' Day, aka Loyalty Day. (And simmer down: while Herr Twitler is disturbingly, disgustingly authoritarian and seems hell-bent on destroying the Constitution, he didn't make up Loyalty Day. It was actually first observed in the U.S. back in 1921, during the first Red Scare, and became a legally designated holiday in 1958.)

Almost-May-Day or not, it's just another day in Scamworld...

Kind of like Donald Trump writing a book about humility
Convicted killer
James Arthur "Death" Ray, aka The Scumback Kid on this Whirled, is apparently trying to regain his status as a Number 1 New York Times Bestselling Author with his upcoming book, Redemption: The Price of Leadership.
In Redemption James Arthur Ray brings his nearly 30 years of experience in business, entrepreneurship, meteoric rises and epic falls to suggest that leadership is about “paying the price.”
In some cases, followership is also about "paying the price," and in some cases that price is your life.

I don't think Death Ray quite understands the meaning of the word, "redemption."

Ramtha Hearts Drumpf
I used to write fairly frequently about
the imaginary-friends sector of the New-Wage/selfish-help/McSpirituality industry. In other words, I used to be a lot more fun than I am now. But never mind that. One of the elder stateswomen of the imaginary-pals biz is crazy J.Z., who has a 35,000-year-old made-up mate named Ramtha. Recently I found out that Ramtha is quite the Donald Trump fan, despite the fact that his inventor has a history of being a donor to the Democratic party. That must make for some interesting convos at the dinner table and family gatherings.
Ramtha cheers the new president: “That man is trumping deceit. He doesn’t smoke, he doesn’t do drugs, he does business!”

As a kicker, Ramtha predicts Trump will receive the protection of UFOs while flying in his jet: “And the first time he looks out the window … when he sees two silver disks as escort, he is going to know it all — and this is a man who is not afraid — he is going to know it all.”

Mike Wright, a
[J.Z.] Knight spokesman, said in an emailed statement that Knight continues to support Democratic candidates and causes in local and state elections.

“She did not vote for candidate Trump but she sees what Ramtha describes as ‘purposeful good’ in his election,” the statement said.
The Ramtha controversy that dogged local Democrats erupted in 2012 after videos were leaked by a conservative group of Knight, as Ramtha, making racist and offensive comments. That included referring to “the invasion of the Mexicans who just breed like rabbits” and saying Jews had “earned enough cash to have paid their way out of the (expletive) gas chambers by now.”

Knight’s defenders argued the videos were heavily edited and that her comments were taken out of context.

The Law of Extraction, eleven years later
I've flung thousands of words onto this blog (and some other forums) in the eleven years since the infamous New-Wage moviemercial, The Secret, came out. The Secret promoted a simplistic, pseudoscientific, magical-thinking philosophy called the Law of Attraction, but what it was really promoting was the Law of Extraction, as in extracting money from gullible people's wallets.

Besides criticizing the basic premises of The Secret, and slamming its shameless pandering to narcissism, greed, and envy, I've written a lot about the various talking heads for whom The Secret was a cash cow, including creator
Rhonda Byrne. Around the time of the five-year anniversary of the release of The Secret I posted about the misfortunes of some of the Secret "stars."

Back in March of this year, one of The Secret's most boastful "stars" (and a once-frequent star of this blog, until I grew bored with him),
Joe "Mr. Fire" Vitale, commemorated the ten-plus year anniversary of The Secret. As he'd done hundreds of times previously over the years, he spent the entire blog post Joe-splaining that The Secret (despite originally being heavily promoted by its creators as the only seekrit a person would ever need) was only an introduction to a concept, and that if The Secret doesn't "work" for you, it's your fault for not understanding it properly or not doing the work or whatever. As is the case with nearly all of his blog posts, the real purpose of this post post was to give Joe a forum to boast about his success and try to funnel people into his overpriced "Miracles Coaching" scam.

Some things never change.

But here's what's kind of scary, to the point that I even wonder if this comment is even real. It appears after Joe's post:
from "Donald" March 5, 2017 at 10:06 pm
Hi Joe!! I recently signed up for your Miracles Coaching. I am excited! I was recently diagnosed with cancer, which they said could be cured with surgery. But, I have decided to put my faith in you and spend the money on coaching instead. I think the universe will cure me through you! My doctors were totally negative about my decision, telling me I was “choosing certain death.” Can you believe that? Anyway, I would rather give my money to you than some negative doctors! Wish me well, my friend!

Captain Kirk goes berserk
Earlier this month
actor William Shatner got into a big twitter fight over vaccinations. When my favorite physician blogger David Gorski, aka Orac (Respectful Insolence) interevened in the conversation, the former Captain Kirk/Denny Crane turned on the good doctor and spit out accusations that were parroted from Mike "The Health Ranger" Adams' fierce defamation campaign against Dr. Gorski. Among other sources, Shatner cited Adams' ill-named "Truth Wiki" entry on David Gorski.

Orac wrote about it
on this April 6 blog post.
...if you want to know why people like Mike Adams write dozens of lie-filled articles attacking me and adding attacks on my cancer institute for good measure, this is about the best example I’ve ever seen. It’s to poison my Google reputation forever, and it’s largely succeeded, my Wikipedia page and other entries on me that show up on the first page notwithstanding. Last night’s experience reminded me of this in a manner that I never would have predicted in a million years. There’s no way I could ever have predicted that, one day in 2017 (or any other time), a celebrity as big as William Shatner would Google me and use Mike Adams’ attacks on me against me, even though all I did was to try to explain, quite respectfully and uncharacteristically not insolently, a bit about why he was being criticized. One wonders how he would have reacted if he hadn’t found all that misinformation on me. True, I have since learned that Shatner has a history of behavior like this on Twitter and that it’s likely that he would have found some other reason to attack me, but maybe, just maybe, he might have listened a little.
In the Slate piece I linked to in the first sentence of this section, Alan Levinovitz wrote that Shatner's tweets are instructive as a classic case of the way misinformation is spread. As far as I'm concerned, the Shatner v Gorski tweet-fight is also instructive as proof that despite Mike Adams' constant annoying whining about being "censored" by Google et al., he seems to do just fine in the search engines.

Little Loony Lenny: back in the Fatherland?
We in the US can only hope that my UK pal Longdog is right when he speculates that the stupidest and most evil man in Scamworld, cancer quack and former Kevin Trudeau b.f.f.
Leonard Coldwell, has left the U.S. and is now hiding out in his native Germany. Too bad for Germany, though.

And speaking of Little LoonyC, it appears that
you can register for his IMBS-ing U "coaching" training in Germany -- which takes a year to complete and consists of four blocks of "training" at 2,500 Euros for each block, PLUS a 2,000 Euro fee to actually take the "final."

But be warned, prospective student:

All applications are binding and irrevocable! There are no cancellations or repayments! ONLY American law (Court of jurisdiction: Charlotte, North Carolina, USA) German law is not applicable. If you incur any costs for IBMS® and dependents, you are fully responsible and must bear the legal and legal costs for IBMS® and all dependents in full!
So he's ripping 'em off in the Fatherland too (no big surprise there), and it's only a matter of time before they get wise to him. And as usual, his German-language sites proclaim that everything is subject to U.S. law, while his dwindling U.S. platforms cite German law. It's all a ruse to try to keep people from suing him, because you can't just rip people off nonstop for years and years without the thought of a lawsuit at least crossing the minds of the folks you're screwing.


Katie and pals are still begging Drumpf for mercy
The aforementioned imprisoned serial scammer
Kevin Trudeau, aka K.T., aka Katie, is still begging SCROTUS to pardon and free him from Camp Cupcake (his faux-fond nickname for the relatively cushy Montgomery, Alabama prison camp where he's serving his ten-year sentence). I blogged about this back in February. Katie is also begging his followers to plea his case to SCROTUS and whomever else will listen. On March 19 on Facebook, for instance, one of Katie's surrogates, "E.G.," wrote a long-ish screed, complete with Trudeau-ish histrionics.
Imagine, if you would, being sentenced to spend a decade in prison without being convicted of a "crime". No fraud, no felony, and not even a misdemeanor (like your garden variety DUI rap). Picture this draconian sentence imposed on you, not by a "jury of your peers", but by a singularly mortal and fallible federal judge.

Ponder what it would be like to be emphatically and cynically denied every opportunity to defend yourself against ridiculous "charges" leveled against you, not by ANY law enforcement agency, and not by any "complaint" filed against you by any "injured party", but rather by ONE virtually omnipotent and pettily vindictive federal judge. To be forbidden to so much as utter the phrases "first amendment" and "free speech" in "HIS" courtroom, as if these were personal affronts to the judge rather than fundamental rights granted to every citizen of this country vis-a-vis its supposedly respected and revered founding document.

Put yourself in the shoes of a completely innocent person as he is handcuffed and shackled, with bail denied, and thrown into MCC (Metropolitan Correctional Center) Chicago, one of America's toughest jails, to defend himself amongst "real criminals": convicted murderers; armed bank robbers; human traffickers; drug kingpins; mafia hit men; violent and ruthless gang members; and pedophiles. Having the "courtesy" of being offered solitary confinement extended to you by your jailers "for your own protection" (naturally), as you stare down the prospect of ten more years in the federal penitentiary system....
"E.G." went on to describe Katie as "one of the most honorable people I have ever met," adding, "I'm proud to know a person of such rare vintage. They just don't make 'em like that anymore."

Well, yes, they do, E.G. Scamworld is pretty regularly producing con artists, scammers, and flim-flammers.

More recently, Trudeau waxed poetic about
his blissful experiences in Camp Cupcake:
I woke this morning. Meditated for an hour...read for 20 minutes...made some fresh coffee...wrote for 30 minutes. And then sat reflecting...smiling...feeling amazing.

What a wonderful gift I have been given to be here. I am so thankful and grateful. Bliss bubbled up inside. I sat just "being"...feeling soooo good!

I looked around me and then thought about all the sad people getting off a train… sitting in traffic… rushing to work...stressed. Miserable...unfulfilled...searching for life’s meaning...struggling with debt.... I smiled again...how lucky am I!?

YOU can feel good in ANY situation. YOU have the power to CHOOSE your thoughts and point of focus...use your power wisely.
Much love…KT
Free Kevin Trudeau? Why bother? Sounds like you're already free, Katie!

As I said above, some things just never change.

That's it for now... see you next month.

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